Mayflower History

I’ve been writing for WorldStart for a long time, and over the course of it I began to feel like I’d exhausted all the historical information that could be related to holidays. Then I found this site about the Mayflower and its passengers and thought to myself “Holy Cow! How have I missed this all these years?” The site has existed since 1994 and I’m just now discovering it? Well, I’m glad I did. Because not only is it an awesome site but it is authored by historian Caleb Johnson. 

When you arrive at the site you’ll learn about the many incarnations it has gone through ending up with this new easier to navigate version. On the left side of the page you’ll find the site menu that will allow you to navigate easily to the sections you want to visit. On it you’ll find:

Introduction – here you’ll learn all About the Author and find the copyright information. 

News/Blog – here you’ll find a mix of site news, Mayflower news and articles from Caleb Johnson.

Mayflower Passenger List – this is by far my favorite part of the site. Here you’ll see the 1620 Passenger list with all the names hyperlinked to pages with information about that person.  What I love is that the sources are fully documented and there are images to go along with these entries. 

Pilgrim History – here you can learn about the History of the Mayflower, Plymouth Colony, The Wampanoag, and other Miscellaneous topics.

Mayflower Genealogy – this section offers up more passenger lists, and ancestry information. You’ll also find a lot of great online resources.

Primary Sources – this is my second favorite section where you can check out great primary source information like books written by the passengers, letters written by the passengers, Plymouth Records, and other Plymouth Documents. 

This is an amazing resource on the Mayflower and its passengers who helped establish Plymouth Colony. Check it out for yourself today!


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