Can I Upgrade My PC To OS X Mavericks?

Marlynn from Evansville, Indiana writes:

I’ve been told that since Microsoft will no longer support Windows XP that I will need to upgrade. Windows 7 and Windows 8 both about $200. I read your article that Apple is giving away their operating system for free. Can I use it instead of Windows?

Well, Marlynn, free is kind of a relative term when it comes to Apple software. Apple software only works on computers built and sold by Apple. So while the company isn’t charging any additional fee for OS X Mavericks, consumers have already paid them for the computer it will be running on. Unlike Microsoft, which allows Windows to be installed on PCs built by numerous companies (and even on PCs you have custom-built or build yourself), OS X Mavericks can only be installed on computers built by Apple.

~ Cynthia

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