4 Of The Best Cloud-Based Apps

This year at the Emmy Awards, the host joked that, for young people, TV is the thing they watch on their phones. Host Neil Patrick Harris got his laugh, but he also identified the newest trends in work/life balance. Mobile connectivity is allowing people to do more while on the move. Download cloud-based apps to sync all your activities, no matter what device you’re on.

Apps for TV

On its website, http://www.GetDirectTV.org, DirectTV introduces us to the Genie system. Genie is a DVR system that records your shows so you can play them at your leisure. It also has a recommendation function that records things you might like. The mobile app allows you to interact with Genie, so you can tell it to record from anywhere. Should a colleague or friend mention a show, it would take only a touch of a button for you to have it recorded, awaiting you at the end of a busy day.

Apps for the Office

Sometimes, going high-tech means going old school — at least, when it comes to mobile office productivity. Since Microsoft Office is the in-office standard, it makes sense Office 365 should be the mobile office standard. Office 365 is a cloud-based mobile version of Office. One of the problems mobile users have had in the past was interfacing between the in-office software and the third-party software on the phone or tablet. This is no problem for Office 365, since it is the same as the software that resides in the office.

Apps for Storage

Take a picture with your smartphone, then see it when you get back home to your desktop computer by installing a cloud storage app such as CX. Cloud storage services ranging from SugarSync to Dropbox offer users several gigabytes of free storage space as a place to upload and access their documents anywhere, from any device. Cloud storage has both business and personal applications. For professionals, such as graphic designers or lawyers who need to pull up documents on the go, they can simply access their cloud storage account and download them from their mobile phones or tablets. Consumers may also use a cloud storage account to collaborate on projects, ranging from business deals to family reunions, with all pertinent documents located in one central place.

App to Make an App

App development is a multibillion dollar industry. The best apps are the children of necessity. If you cannot find the app you need, then build it. IBuildApp is a cloud-based, drop-down menu constructed app that lets you build your own app. The ability to create your own app places your productivity solidly into your own hands.

IBuildApp is a template-driven system that has a variety of backgrounds, drop-down menus and operation buttons. The site promises there is no need to understand programming. Creating your own app specific to your business is the best way to take control of your productivity. If the app works for others, you can even sell it, and add to your revenue stream.

~ Rhonda Burke

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