Why Can’t I Hear Sounds In Google Chrome?

Bill from Erie PA writes:

My Google Chrome no longer plays sounds or music. This is a recent development; other browsers and the computer in general are not affected. I am using WIN 7, 64-bit. Chrome extensions are enabled and are limited to services that block ads, protect privacy and so on. These extensions are also used in other browsers. What do you think?

The sound suddenly stopping while you are trying to view videos or listen to streaming music is actually a known issue with certain versions of the Chrome browser. Installing the most recent update to Google Chrome will usually fix the problem, but if for some reason it doesn’t there is a workaround available.

First off, be sure to check that you actually have the latest Chrome version before making any other changes. Click the menu bar at the far-right corner of the browser and then scroll down and click “About Google Chrome.” If you already have the most recent updates installed, the window will display a message reading “Google Chrome is up-to-date.” If new updates are available, instead click “Update Google Chrome” and follow the on-screen directions.

Checking Chrome Updates

Restart Chrome and try playing a video or song to see if the issue continues. In the event you still have no sound, the next step requires actually changing your sound setup. While this will likely fix the problem, keep in mind it will affect your sound performance for all programs, and not just Chrome. To get started, head to the “Start” menu and select “Control Panel.”

Control Panel

Click the green “Hardware and Sound” link, and then click the green link simply labeled “Sound.”

Sound Window

Click the option for your computer’s speak system and then click the “Configure” button at the bottom of the window.

Configuring Sound

In the “Audio Channels” box, change your configuration to the option labeled “Stereo.” Keep in mind that if you are using a multiple speaker setup, this option will force your computer to only play sound through two speakers at all times – even when you aren’t using Chrome. Click “Next” and then “Finish” to save the change.

Choosing Stereo Sound

While this workaround isn’t an ideal solution, it should fix the problem and force Chrome to play sounds again. Should you continue to have sound issues however, the remaining option is to simply uninstall and reinstall Chrome completely. Return your speaker to its original configuration in the “Sound” menu and then open the “Control Panel” again. Click “Uninstall a Program” underneath the “Programs” heading.

Uninstalling Programs

Highlight the “Google Chrome” option in the list of programs installed on your computer, and then click the “Uninstall” button at the top of the window. Follow the prompts to completely uninstall Chrome.

Uninstalling Chrome

Using a different browser, navigate to the Google Chrome website and then download and re-install Chrome. Return to the “About Google Chrome” screen again and download the latest updates.

~ Ty Arthur

9 thoughts on “Why Can’t I Hear Sounds In Google Chrome?

  1. I have a hp touchsmart 300 PC and am trying to use skype but cannot get sound through to the person I am skypeing can you help

  2. I’ve run into this before and have had to uncheck the option “Use hardware acceleration when available” under google settings on some computer systems. This might be a solution to try before going through all the remove and reinstall process.

  3. I have a problem with my sound. I looked at the steps that you have posted here but when I go to the menu bar the option of about Google Chrome isn’t there. I was wondering if there is any other way to help my sound without changing the quality?

  4. it is possible that you have stoped sound services in system. In the bottom-right corner of the screen right click the volume controller and press “Open Volume Mixer”. Then with Chrome open adjust the slider under the Chrome icon to make sure it’s not muted. If that doesn’t work make sure your speakers/headphones are set up properly.for more help and support please visit http://goo.gl/u3Twca i hope this helps and fix your problem. thanks

  5. I had same problem, everything else on my PC had proper sound except Google Chrome. I use Linux Fedora 23. Problem in my case was that I used HDMI cable to connect to my TV. You have option in Settings->Sound to select which device will handle sound. For me it was checked to HDMI cable, so I just checked it back to my PC.

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