Help! My Phone Is Freezing!

 Considering how dependent many of us our on our Smartphones, having one freeze up can really ruin your day.  Here are a few ways to troubleshoot.

One possible cause, a virus attached to a new app. Here’s how to find the culprit.


If you think the phone has a bug or a virus, delete all the newer apps you downloaded and see if your phone still hangs. If it does, then it’s bound to be a virus. The result is a slow phone or a phone that frequently freezes on you. When this happens, the best way is to factory reset the phone. If you have an Android phone, just go to Settings/Backup and reset/Factory Data Reset. This can vary from phone to phone, so you may need to check the manufacturer’s website.


Before you reset your phone, make sure you have backed up all your contacts, SMSs, pictures, audios and videos. You can do this through your data cable using Samsung Kies or through Wi-Fi using an app like Air Droid. A data cable is best if you have large amounts of data to transfer. I would also suggest you to take a local backup of your contacts, preferably to your Outlook Express. This is just in case your Google contacts weren’t synced for some reason before you factory reset your phone.


If the phone continues to freeze or is damn slow despite the above measures, perhaps you should revert to the old firmware version. There are bugs in firmwares, too. So if you are experiencing a problem of freezing after a firmware update, it’s best to revert. Just search the net for the old firmware and presto, your buggy phone is back to its former glory. For example, if you are using any Samsung phone, just go here, use the search bar to type your phone’s model number for a list of firmware available. 

~ Zahid H Javali

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