Remembering Facebook Password In Windows 8

Tom from Evansville, Minnesota writes:

I recently purchased your guide to Windows 8 and it’s is so helpful for me as I now have Windows 8 from Win XP.  The question I have is with my Facebook.  I was always able with Win XP to just click on Facebook from Internet Explorer and it took me right to Facebook now with Win 8 I have to sign in each time.  I have checked keep me logged in, but I still have to sign in each time.  Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.    

Tom, the issue could be your settings on Internet Explorer. Click the little gear in the upper-right of Internet Explorer and choose Internet Options from the drop-down menu.

Choose Content tab and then select Settings under AutoComplete.

Make sure you’ve given Internet Explorer permission to remember passwords and user names.

Also, make sure to click the General tab and make sure your haven’t told Internet Explorer to delete saved passwords on exit.  If it’s checked, uncheck it.

Hopefully, this will save you the trouble of entering your password every time you log onto Facebook.

~ Cynthia

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