John from Georgia writes:

In regard to ‘XP’ Security continuation, I read that Google Chrome will continue to keep XP updated and ‘protected’ after MS abandons it next April but you need to use Chrome as your Browser.  Have you any additional info?

John, Google will keep offering patches and security fixes for their Google Chrome browser on Windows XP for one additional year.   But that doesn’t mean they are supporting the entire XP operating system.

Google Director of Engineering and Public Safety Mark Larson said, “Like all technologies that come to their end-of-life, the XP operating system and most of its desktop applications will no longer receive updates and security patches.”

The intention is to give Chrome users a little more time to migrate to newer versions of Windows. But your system could still be vulnerable. These patches are only for the Google Chrome browser. Google will not be able to offer patches or fixes for the XP operating system.  A virus could still arrive via an e-mail attachment or as part of a program download and unless it is one that affects Google Chrome, there’s not much Google can do about it.

~ Cynthia