Writer’s Almanac

The Writer’s Almanac is brought to you by Garrison Keillor and Public Radio. It offers up a daily dose of poetry with a dash of literary history thrown in!

Navigation is sort of setup blogstyle, in that there’s the most recent episode/entry featured on the main page and then you use the Next and Prev buttons to navigate through the older entries. 

At the top, right of the page you’ll find more navigation options like the links to the Archive, Podcast, and Bookshelf. 

The Bookshelf is really cool it is a section devoted to interviews with authors! Right now the featured interview is with Mary Oliver, an author from my neck of the woods – Maple Heights, a suburb of Cleveland – and talks about her new book Dog Songs. At the end of the interview you’ll find the credits for who the interviewer was. 

This a really cool site that has worked its way into my routine of sites I visit daily. So go check it out for yourself! 



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