In The News: 11-20-2013

Microsoft Selling Anti-Google Merchandise

Need the perfect gift for that Microsoft employee in your life? Or just for someone who really hates Google? The Microsoft Store is now selling ” Scroogled” merchandise including mugs and T-shirts with sayings like, “Keep Calm While We Steal Your Data” alongside the Google logo.

It’s all part of Microsoft’s Scroogled campaign which has criticized tech giant Google’s privacy and search policies.

#TheSelfie Promises To End Awkward Self-Portraits

A new gadget called #TheSelfie promises to make self-portraits and group shots a whole lot easier. The device plugs into your phone via the headphone jack and works as a remote to let you click the virtual shutter on your iPhone camera app. 

With a 4.5 foot cable, you can get a fair distance between your self and the phone. The $20 device also works along with Instagram or Snapchat.

Sprint Ranks Last In Service Survey

According to a Consumer Reports cell phone service survey, Sprint scored dead last in a consumer satisfaction survey. They company scored dismal marks in value, reliability, voice and text messaging. Sprint is in the process of upgrading its network and believes that once the process is complete, customer satisfaction will reply.

Verizon ranked as the top-rated carrier, while T-Mobile and AT&T got middling scores.

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  1. Great idea’s. I like the cup!
    Hey guys I have a stupid question–can a SD card be loaded with say, pictures or a small program from a source other than a camera? Can it be loaded with the use of a card reader?
    Thanks for your patience.

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