Celebrity Types

This was a fun a personality test.

It’s very similar to the Myer Briggs Type Indicator test and it’s really easy. You just answer 28 questions and it places you into a category.

I usually score either INTJ or INFJ depending on whether I’m feeling logical or emotional. Then it takes your results and compares them to celebrities, so that you can see which famous people have similar personality traits in common with you. 

If you already know you’re type and don’t feel like taking the short quiz, you can just use the menu on the left side of the page and select your type. It breaks the celebrities down into Famous and Pop Culture celebrities of the type you selected. 

Definitely a fun way to spend sometime learning more about yourself. Check it out today!



2 thoughts on “Celebrity Types

  1. Wow…this is really neat…I tested out to be an ISTJ…which surprised me in a way and then again not so much…lol. And as you state Amanda…depends on your mood…I agree.

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