Laurie  from New York writes:

I am using a laptop running windows 8. Every time I go on the web I see a box that says I need to download a Flash Player. I’ve tried once or twice, and I get some odd type of flash player that installs a bunch of other junk with it. What do I do to update Flash Player properly?

Those tricky little reminders to update Flash Player are a prime way to sneak unwanted toolbars and add-ons onto your computer. They do offer a Flash Player download, but with strings attached. My advice is to never click on one of those suggestions to update Flash Player.  If you think you legitimately may need a Flash Play update, go to Adobe’s official site and download any updates from there.  Click here to go to   You’ll notice an option for a free McAfee Security scan, but you can just uncheck that and choose install.

Make sure you turn on automatic updates for FlashPlayer or regularly check Adobe for updates. That way you know you’ll always have the latest version.

~ Cynthia