Jim from Morrisville, Pennsylvania writes:

First off, I am using WordPerfect X4 and to me seems easier than using Word.  When I used to copy sections of your newsletter to WP, I could copy then paste graphic into doc. At first It would not let me just copy and paste. I have to save, then insert graphic. Sometimes when I do this and then try to insert graphic, all I get is a blank box. Is problem with newsletter or is it my WP X4? Thanks.

Jim, there isn’t necessarily a problem with WordPerfect or the newsletter.  Here’s why you have to save the image to use later. The images you see in the newsletter aren’t actually contained in the newsletter. With all those images, the newsletter would be much too large a file to send.

The images are actually imbedded in the newsletter using a link to an Internet address where that image had been uploaded to a server.  You may be viewing an image of a Surface Pro below:

But what is actually there is the link to the location where this image is displayed on our server: http://imgsrv.worldstart.com/images/ct-images/2013/09/surface2cropped.jpg

By saving the image, you are downloading an actual copy of the image to your computer and inserting it into your document.

Some programs will display embedded images when the information is copied and pasted. Others will not. If your intent is to archive the information, the only way to be sure that you actually have the images is to download and save them.

If you don’t mind, I’ll throw in a little sales pitch here. All of our articles are archived on a monthly basis with graphics in our Tech Tips Monthly eMagazine. It’s free for Premium Members.

As for the difficulty you’re having inserting the saved graphics into your documents, I can think of a couple of possible issues. Make sure you’ve saved the actual image and not the whole web page. Open it up where the image is saved to check. Also be careful of the size of the image you’re trying to insert, it might possibly be too large.

I was searching through some WordPerfect troubleshooting forums looking for problems similar to yours and it seems that some people having image issues in WordPerfect have found success by uninstalling and reinstalling WordPerfect.

Hope this info helps.

~ Cynthia