Control Panel Tree Part 4: Programs

Eugene from Chino California asked us:

“Is there a simplified tree, maybe in several pages, to show what is in Windows 7 in such things as the control panel or any of the solution devices which are used for maintaining a PC?

We thought that was a great idea and decided to do a special series. In part one we looked at System and Security. In part 2 we checked out Network and Internet. Part three was Hardware and Software.

For part 4, we’ve got a look at Programs.

~ Randal

One thought on “Control Panel Tree Part 4: Programs

  1. This series was okay but I would like a definition program for coded processes and services like: IMF.exe.. dwm.exe.. ipoint.exe.. KeyIso.. idsvc.. AxInstSV. etc. To know exactly (in laymen’s terms) what these ‘codes’ actually mean would be a great service but to date I have found no such program.. How about offering this type of information? I’d even be willing to pay for it.. Thanks.

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