How Can I Protect E-mail On My Tablet?

Joanne from Nebraska writes:

I have been told that you cannot sign out of email on a tablet.  Does that mean your email would be open for anyone to read if they had access to your tablet?

Joanne, the best way to protect your e-mail is to protect your tablet. The majority of apps do not have the option of asking for a password every time it is opened.  Even if your e-mail had a password requirement, that would still leave your tablet vulnerable. It’s possible someone might open an Amazon app and order items with your account to be shipped to their home.

Or a child could innocently rack up charges trying to play a game like Candy Crush.  There are third-party apps that allow you to add password protection to specific apps. (check the Google Play Store) But I think your best protection is to password protect the tablet. How to do that varies from tablet to tablet, but I’ll give you an example for an Android system.

Tap Settings.

Then choose Device or My Device.

Select Lock screen.

Choose Screen lock.

You’ll see several security options for your tablet. Not all tablets will have all of these options.

There’s Swipe, that provides no security. Some devices offer Face unlock, which uses facial recognition to unlock your tablet.  You could also select Face and voice recognition. That requires a combination of your face and voice top open your tablet. These are all considered Low security options.

You could also choose a Pattern lock, where you use a pattern on the touch screen to unlock the device. A numerical PIN number provides medium to high security. A Password is considered the highest level of security. To put in a password, you just tap Password.

Then enter the password you wish to use.

It might take a few extra minutes when you pick up your tablet, but feeling secure is worth it.

~ Cynthia

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  1. I have the Asus tablet. It must have been a refurbished one as I have put in the password like you said and now I keep getting a message that I have put in the wrong password, Help I cannot open my tablet now

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