Decompress Files for Free With B1 Online Archiver

Compressed files are an easy way to combine multiple files into a single file or decrease the file size. However, with the wide variety of compression formats available, you may not always have the right decompression software on hand. While Windows now has built-in software for handling ZIP files, what happens if you run across a RAR or 7z?

You could download additional software, but what if you’re on a friend’s computer? The solution is a free online tool, B1 Online Archiver, that supports over 40 different formats, including popular formats such as ZIP, TAR and RAR. The process is fairly quick, though it does take a little longer as you’ll first have to upload and then download the files.

The process is only three steps with no complicated software to learn. Start by visiting the website and clicking the Select Archive button.





Select your compressed file and press Open.





 Wait for the site to extract your files.








 Once the extraction is complete, you’ll see a folder with the same name as your compressed file. Your folder name will vary from the example photo. Click the folder name to view the list of files within the folder.







To download any extracted files, click the download button to the right of the file name. The files will be downloaded to your default download location on your computer. On Windows computers, the default location is usually Documents or Downloads.



 After you’re finished downloading your files, close the B1 Online Archiver page to remove your files from B1’s servers. Once you close the page, you will have to go through the process again to decompress your files. Alternately, you can click the Click Here link below the file list to immediately remove your files from B1’s servers.




 If you have another archived or compressed file you want to decompress, click the Let’s Try Another Archive link directly below the file list on the left side of the screen. This will bring you back to the homepage to start the process again.






The exact time for uploading, extracting and downloading will vary greatly based on the file sizes. For instance, a compressed file with a dozen text files will likely only take a few minutes from start to finish. A compressed file with a dozen high quality digital photos may take 15 minutes or more depending on your Internet connection.


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