Organize Facebook Pages With Lists

Facebook can seem a little disorganized at times, especially if you’re trying to keep track of numerous friends, family, bands, shows, businesses and more. While friends and family appear in your news feed, you might be missing out on important updates from your favorite pages. Facebook changed the way page updates appear in your news feed, resulting in few, if any, updates. You could follow each individual page or you can create organized lists to easily view just the pages you want.

Lists were created to help you organize your friends and family and work as mini news feeds with just the people you want included. However, you can use the same feature to keep track of businesses, bands, authors, websites and more.

From your news feed page on Facebook, locate the Friends section on the left side of the screen.




Hover your mouse over Friends and click More when the link appears. This link takes you to a page of all your lists and allows you to edit or create new lists.



Click + Create List to start a new list.





Type a name for your new list. Leave the Members section blank for now and press Create. Since lists were created for individuals instead of pages, you have to do a little extra work to add pages to lists.


Your new list will open as soon as you press Create. To add pages to the list, click the Manage List button in the top right corner of the screen under your name. Click Edit List to add new pages.



 In the edit window, click the On This List drop-down menu and choose Pages. You’ll see a list of all pages you’ve liked.



 Scroll through the list and click each page you want to add to the list. Selected pages will show a check mark in the bottom right corner. If you click the wrong page, click the page again to deselect it. Press Finish when you’re done to add the pages to your list.

If you have too many pages to scroll through, type the page name in the search box at the top of the edit window to quickly locate the page you want to add. Click the page to select it and press Finish to add it to the list.




After you add pages, their latest updates will appear in the new list feed. You can add or remove pages at any time by using the Manage List button. Note that any pages you’ve already added will be listed in the On This List area in the edit list window instead of Pages.

If you want to access your new page list quickly, you can add it to the Favorites section which is a list of your favorite links on Facebook, such as your news feed, messages and events. The list appears directly below your profile picture on the left side of the Facebook home screen. 

Add your list to Favorites by clicking More beside the Friends section on the Facebook home screen. Click the Edit pencil icon beside the page list you want to add.

 Click Add to Favorites.

 You can now click the list link from the Favorites section at any time to view your favorite pages’ updates. Repeat the process to organize your pages in categories that best meet your needs, such as music, writers, tech, etc.

 ~ Crystal

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