Backing up your favorites in Internet Explorer is a good idea. If the time ever comes when you need to reset your browser or transfer those favorites to another device, you’ll have them available. 

Fortunately, it’s a pretty simple process.

1. Launch Internet Explorer 10, click the “Favorites” button (it looks like a star), click the arrow next to “Add to Favorites” and choose “Import and Export” from the menu.

2. Click the “Export to a file”  button and then click “Next.”

3. Check the “Favorites” box to export only your favorites. If you also want to save your feeds and cookies, check the “Feeds” and “Cookies” boxes. Click “Next.”

4. Make sure the root folder – usually labeled “Favorites” — is selected and then click the “Next” button.

5. Click “Browse” and then type a name for the backup into the “File name” field and choose the folder where you want to save it. If you selected to also save your feeds and cookies, click “Next” twice to create two additional backup files — an OPML file and a TXT file — in the same folder. Click “Export” to export your favorites, cookies and feeds.

6. Click “Finish” to close the Import/Export Settings window. Now that you’ve saved your data, you can safely reset Internet Explorer 10.

~ Nick