Stop Scaring People About XP!

Luca writes:

Could you please stop trying to scare people about the fact that XP support is ending? lately it really looks like it’s the only subject you can write something about! do you get paid by Microsoft? or are you selling Win7/Win8 upgrades at Worldstart? most people will keep on using XP (happily, I would say) even after Microsoft supports ends… and I suppose you will have to live with this! 

The thing is, Luca…using an operating system that has no security support is pretty scary. There’s a whole lot that could go very, very wrong. As I’ve said before, unfortunately I’m the one who gives the money to Microsoft (for Windows devices and my Office 365 subscription.) But my push for users to upgrade is self-serving because I am not looking forward to hearing from people whose XP computers have been taken out by Malware and viruses. The only answer I’ll have for them is that unfortunately there’s not any security support for XP anymore. So no solutions to their problem will be arriving in the form of an update.

I’m not alone is sounding warning bells. In this article and video, Michael McKinnon from AVG explains why it’s time to upgrade.  In this article from PC World, the writer explains why now is the time to upgrade.  And I’ll throw in a third one for good measure.

And XP users certainly don’t have to use Window 7 or 8. They can always switch to a MAC or custom-build a system with Linux. For some switching to the web-based Chrome is a good option while others may be perfectly content to use an iPad or Android tablet for their personal computing.

You’re right that a lot of people will just keep on using XP. You’re certainly welcome to if you don’t mind the risk. As I’ve said before, it’s a bit like living your door unlocked. Someone might break in and someone might not.  Whether or not you want to take the risk is up to you. But I feel it’s my responsibility to keep remind you that it’s not a very good idea.

 ~ Cynthia


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  1. Cynthia
    Follow up.
    Why is it if I hit the return button my comments are sent?
    Even with my typos that I didn’t have a chance to correct?
    Very disconcerting! But I still love you!

  2. I use AVG antivirus on my XP computer so won’t this keep me safe? If not then I have the windows 7 disk but can I use this on my XP?
    Thank you for your help.

    1. ‘Responsive security companies (McAfee, etc) will continue to provide solutions for several millions of XP diehards.’ The FREE MS Security Essentials may not provide protective measures but others will.
      I will update my backup Cloned hard drive and save a full Image shortly before April 8.

      1. Don’t count on McAfee: Here’s a quote they posted in response to a question about XP support: “Microsoft Support ends on 8 April, 2014 for XP and Office 2003 meaning no more Microsoft Windows security updates, therefore those systems are considered dangerous to keep using after that date.

        McAfee will cease supporting the consumer products (& Enterprise too) in XP & Office 2003 as follows…”

  3. Thanks a lot for guiding the people about the upgrade from Win XP to Win 7 or Win 8.1 . When some thing serious will happen then these users will regret about there stupidity. Me my family and almost my friend’s circle has switched already long back on Win 7 and Win 8.1 .Better safe then never. Hope some of these users shift with the time now .

  4. Kodoo’s to Cynthia, some people will never get the message how serious this is with XP updates going away. If they unplug there interent from there computer there won’t be a problem.

  5. Dear Cynthia, I read,enjoy & very much appreciate the stuff posted in the Worldstart newsletters & have “grasped the nettle” of XP vulnerability after February 2014. But all of this doesn’t mean I have to stop using XP altogether. I have Win7 on a laptop (plus some other progs) which I am progressively using more & more to go on the internet. When the time comes I shall unplug the ethernet cable from my desktop PC & will continue to use it daily for word processing, photo editing & general storing of info. Storage space is supplemented with redundant IDE HDs mounted in USB caddies which will be replaced in time by solid state drives (still mounted externally). All of which means I can still use my faithful old programmes (Corel Draw 9, Photoshop 7, Classic Clipboard, Word 2003 etc, etc) have ready access to stored info from either PC or laptop & will only need to use anti-virus programmes on the PC if I get careless or unlucky. It is possible to have the best of both worlds. I didn’t get to my (quite advanced) old age without learning to adapt & improvise. XP will not die it will continue to beaver away quite safely in South East London for some time to come.
    Keep the support flowing & don’t let the critics grind you down.
    All best wishes Jim Sharp.

  6. XP is the best platform that M/S created. If they choose to stop supporting it is a PLUS. Updates in the past have caused more problems than the help they provide. I’m sticking with XP.

  7. I was completely unaware that computers running Microsoft operating systems introduced after XP can not be “taken out” by Malware & viruses! : )

    And how many times has a “Windows Update” brought systems crashing down?

    It is not an absolute necessity to ditch XP for personal use, though in some business environments (internet-connected & handling private information), use after end-of-support would not be advisable due to liability concerns. i.e. not a “best practice”.

    For seasoned users who don’t download every bit of Malware that offers itself on their screen or bank online, for example, I expect that nothing much will change. I plan to continue using XP until they “pry it from my cold, dead fingers”, though I also have systems with Vista, 7, 8/8.1, as well as various Windows Server and Linux variations.

  8. Yes, just like the world was going to end in the year 2000 when we clicked over from 1999. XP will continue to run, just like Win 3.1 does on several of my old timers computers. The only thing that MAY happen is some websites either won’t open, or, won’t display properly. If you think 44% OF THE WORLD who are still using Win XP are going out to buy new computers you are out to lunch. Many XP computers are not upgradable to Win 7 ..and if they were you still have to do a clean install, ie, you have to erase your hard drive first…ain’t that nice?..So, fellow XP users, don’t lose any sleep over this ploy by Microsoft and those selling computers…XP will be fine…just keep up with your Anti Virus and Anti Malware programs and surf your hearts away until the time comes sometime in the future when you really do need a new computer….I have 4 XP computers and have no intention of replacing any of them until they physically die of old age…:-)

    1. Agree 100%. I have and am responsible for over a dozen 32 Bit XP machines. New purchases are out of the question so I asked my website expert. ‘Responsive security companies (McAfee, etc) will continue to provide solutions for several millions of XP diehards’. The FREE MS Security Essentials may not provide protective measures but others will.
      Additionally, I will keep a clean CLONED hard drive, ready to drop into my machines if required d/t malware or just hardware failure. I may upgrade a machine for internet usage only.

  9. Believe me, I would have stayed with XP if it were not to be stopped. My mother told me many, many years ago that if something isn’t broken, don’t fix it. I’m now on Windows 7, which is okay, except for Word 2010 which was developed for technicians, not ordinary computer users and I hate it, but at my advanced age, I have to learn it (bit by bit). However, to those who refuse to update from XP, not only will there be no more support or updates, but you will become vulnerable to hackers and viruses. ’nuff said.

  10. I’m getting tired of all the drama about giving up XP because it won’t be safe. I haven’t downloaded a Windows update since the late 90’s and I stopped using anti-virus software about 8 years ago. I do periodic checks of my own and I do a format every two years or so “just because” and I have never had a virus or any other malware. Maybe I’ll upgrade someday when there’s something I actually consider to be an “upgrade”.

  11. Most of the xp machines are so old I really don’t recommend “upgrading” them to a new version of Windows. Instead I recommend to my clients here in Honolulu Hawaii to install Ubuntu instead. It’s a free open source operating system similar to both Windows and Mac/Apple. Ubuntu however has a smaller footprint which means more resources are available to run programs thus making the computer faster than it was when it was running xp.


  12. I am still going to use XP(have had experiences with 7 and 8 and both do not have compatibility to any of my games nor to my printer and sorry I am not about to spend over 400 to buy a laptop when I am poor and can not afford anything new, I rather not have to be forced to use a crappy os(every time Microsoft updates 8 it crashes or causes havoc with my husband’s laptop(last year he had to take it in to have it fixed since he could not log in because of an update(rendering issues with his keyboard and the log in is very annoying to since had to create a second account for him and can not log in the one we originally set up so we can not get rid of the log in screen).

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