Luca writes:

Could you please stop trying to scare people about the fact that XP support is ending? lately it really looks like it’s the only subject you can write something about! do you get paid by Microsoft? or are you selling Win7/Win8 upgrades at Worldstart? most people will keep on using XP (happily, I would say) even after Microsoft supports ends… and I suppose you will have to live with this! 

The thing is, Luca…using an operating system that has no security support is pretty scary. There’s a whole lot that could go very, very wrong. As I’ve said before, unfortunately I’m the one who gives the money to Microsoft (for Windows devices and my Office 365 subscription.) But my push for users to upgrade is self-serving because I am not looking forward to hearing from people whose XP computers have been taken out by Malware and viruses. The only answer I’ll have for them is that unfortunately there’s not any security support for XP anymore. So no solutions to their problem will be arriving in the form of an update.

I’m not alone is sounding warning bells. In this article and video, Michael McKinnon from AVG explains why it’s time to upgrade.  In this article from PC World, the writer explains why now is the time to upgrade.  And I’ll throw in a third one for good measure.

And XP users certainly don’t have to use Window 7 or 8. They can always switch to a MAC or custom-build a system with Linux. For some switching to the web-based Chrome is a good option while others may be perfectly content to use an iPad or Android tablet for their personal computing.

You’re right that a lot of people will just keep on using XP. You’re certainly welcome to if you don’t mind the risk. As I’ve said before, it’s a bit like living your door unlocked. Someone might break in and someone might not.  Whether or not you want to take the risk is up to you. But I feel it’s my responsibility to keep remind you that it’s not a very good idea.

 ~ Cynthia