What Happens When My External Drive Runs Out Of Space?

Darlinne from Warren, MI writes:

 What happens when your external hard drive runs out of space??  Does that mean you have to go spend money to buy a new one??  I love my external hard drive!  I save everything on it.  If my computer crashes or has a virus that I have to have tech support help get rid of, then all my important things can still be retrieved from my external hard drive.

When you start to run out of space on your external drive, it could be time to head out and purchase another external drive for additional space.  A better option is to be particular about the files you save on your external hard drive. Just because you have the extra space doesn’t mean you need to fill it up. So make a point of going through the files and deleting things you don’t need to save.

If you are using your external drive to mirror your hard drive, make sure you purchase one roughly equivalent in size to the one in your computer, they you know you’ll always have enough space to back it up.

~ Cynthia

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  1. I was receiving warnings my hard drive and my external drive were almost full.
    I purchased three 32 gig SanDisk USB memory sticks priced at $17.00
    I backed up my photoes to the first, my word documents to the second and my music to the third and labeled them accordingly.
    I was surprised to discover they were only half full.
    I discovered my problem was Hard Drive Bloat as many files had been duplicated.
    I cleaned out what I could do safely and my computer now runs much faster.

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