My 80’s TV

I’m going to issue a warning right up front with this site. It is addicting! I had to seriously limit the amount of time I spent there in order to write it up, because it was so easy to become engrossed in a television program. 

When you arrive at the site you’ll be greeted with a vintage looking television, and have a list of different types of programming on the right side of the TV. The first thing I did was click the None link beneath the list to uncheck everything. 

That way you can just select the type of programming you want from the list. Your options are Cartoons, Comedy, Commercials, Drama, Gameshows, Kids, Movies, Music,  News, Other, Soaps, Specials, Sports, Talkshows, and Trailers. The numbers next to them show you how many are in that category. 

After you’ve selected your options, just click Power to turn the television set on. And then you can watch whatever randomly came up. Or you can use the channel buttons to surf through your options. 

I really enjoyed surfing through the programming, so much so I lost track of time checking out cartoons and comedy, so check this site out when you have time to watch some television!


2 thoughts on “My 80’s TV

  1. no so hot couldn’t get anything but music trailers and other junk couldn’t get what I wanted (comics) I tried every thing nothing worked so I shut it off frustrating at best

  2. I clicked repeatedly on all the buttons, knobs etc, on My 80’s TV and was unable to get anything to function or play. Like Raymond I gave up. This site must be having technical difficulties.

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