Wireless Printing From iPad & iPhone: Is It Possible?

Deb writes:

I’m not sure exactly what questions I will have, but my friend bought a wireless printer to use with her iPad and iPhone. She asked if I can hook them up for her. Is that possible?

Deb, congratulations on being appointed to volunteer tech support. It can sometimes be a thankless job. The good news is that it’s perfectly possible. Let’s hope your friend purchased a printer that is AirPrint compatible. That enables printing from Macs, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch without the need to install drivers.

Your friend will need to have the latest version of iOS installed on the phone and iPad. Printermodels by Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson, Fuji Xeros, Gestetner, HP, Infotec, Kyocera, Lanier, Leveno, Lexmark, Oki Dta, Olivetti, NRG, NTT, RICOH, Samsung, Savin, Sharp, TA Triumph, Toshiba ad Xerox all support Airprint. Click here for a complete list.

You should be able to find instructions for connecting the particular printer among the printer’s documentation or on the manufacturer’s website.

Then printing is just a matter of selecting the print function in the iPad or Iphone App. Mail, Safari, Photos, Camera, Maps and more offer this feature.

If your friend doesn’t have an AirPrint compatible printer, but has a Mac, she may be able to purchase software that will allow her to use the Mac as a serve for her iPad and iPhone.

Good luck!

~ Cynthia

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  1. Epson has an app, IEpson that will print from Ipad, etc. without paying the Apple franchise AirPrint fee. Apple doesn’t like it though.

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