Amazing New Home Automation Technology

Shouldn’t our homes be run by robots and computer generated personal assistants by now? While we haven’t quite perfected the robot yet, some of these ideas may not be far from reality with the latest advancements in technology, like big data cloud computing.

In the world of home improvement, home automation is creating exciting possibilities. Home automation essentially refers any technology that makes controlling a home’s functions easier and more convenient. These products are generally attached to a central system that can be controlled from a smartphone or tablet.

 More and more people across the world are realizing its benefits. Home automation for example can be used to protect a home and keep homeowners up to date on any strange activity surrounding their house. It can also be used in entertainment systems, allowing users to control sound, lighting thermostat and other home functions from a single location. Apart from these basic functions, home automation is expanding into exciting realms. The following are devices to look out for in the future.


People love having plants in their home, especially real ones. They often give off a nice smell and having something living in your home makes it feel less stale. But how many times have you forgotten to water your plant, only to find it dead a few days later? PlantLink takes care of this problem.

The product is based off a sensor system that can tell when your plant needs water, as well as how much water it needs. When the time comes, PlantLink sends you an email or text message alerting you to water your plant.


In a world where private information is stored not only in homes but online as well, there have been a number of inventions that attempt to provide greater protection. One of the coolest is a product called Nymi. It consists of a simple wristband that uses your cardiac rhythm to authenticate your identity. It can be set to provide protection for electronic devices, such as laptops and smartphones as well as devices in the home such as door locks.

 The idea behind the Nymi is to make the users world password free. There is no typing in complex codes, just the simple flick of the wrist. With a simple movement you could unlock your car or even type in your pin at a grocery store. Because it requires your specific heart rate to work, there is minimal risk involved if it gets stolen.

 Kaleidescape Cinema One 

One of the biggest potential areas of growth for automation is home entertainment. Programs such as Tivo and Netflix have already begun to leverage big data in order to change the way we consume media. Kaleidescape’s Cinema One is an example of what home entertainment may look like in the future. It is essentially a high-end movie player that can store up to 600 DVD quality movies at a time.

The machine lets you skip over menus, previews and ads. The interface lets you easily browse through hundreds of movies in seconds. You can also connect to other home automation devices. With a push of a button the lights will dim and the movie will begin instantly. Who needs a movie theater anyways?

 Take Twine

 Take Twine is a small device that can act as a detector anywhere in the house. It can be programmed to detect everything from moisture to a magnetic switch.

When the device is activated any detection will be sent immediately to your phone. Lets say you are worried about your washing machine breaking and flooding the basement. With Take Twine you will never have to worry.


 Home automation is all about making your home more comfortable to live in. An important part of that is the air you breathe. That’s why the Airocide was invented. Air filters have been around for a long time, but this machine does much more.

It gets rid of any mold, viruses, bacteria, fungi and other unwanted particles. You also don’t have to clean it out all the time, like you would with a normal filter. This machine uses cutting edge technology, a high intensity a 254-nanometer light that destroys pathogens on contact. You don’t have to worry about safety either. The Airocide uses NASA technology and is approved by the FDA.

~ Rick Delgado

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  1. With the Nymi let’s hope you don’t need to get into your car or your laptop when you are very excited, have just finished a vigorous workout, or are having a heart attack.

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