How Do I Use IE With AOL?

Joan writes:

I have Windows 7. My old AOL browser is IE. I have uploaded a newer AOL and I said AOL could be the browser. Big mistake! Now I want to have the browser be IE because my newer AOLl won’t let me print out my investments. How can I get IE to be the newest AOL browser? The old AOL still uses IE for it’s browser but I don’t like to use the old AOL. In internet options under Programs tab it says IE is the default web browser.

The quickest solution is just to open IE and go to and log onto your account. You don’t need the AOL browser installed on your computer to access your AOL account.

 You can then click on that tab and drag it down to the taskbar.

You’ll have quick and easy access to AOL.

Next I want you to search for Uninstall a program and click on the results.

Look for the AOL Browser, select it and choose uninstall.

In IE click the settings gear and choose Manage add-ons.

Look through the toolbars and if you seen any add-ons for AOL, go ahead and remove them.

 ~ Cynthia.

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