Can I Copy My Research To Windows 7 From XP?

Joyce from Ferryville Wisconsin:

 I have about 80 GB of Medical Research that I’ve copied to my documents & emails.   Can I copy these and open them on my Windows 7 computer?  I’ve noticed on my XP that you have to have an internet connection when I open them on XP, which I won’t be able to do safely after April 2014, since there  will be no support anymore for XP.

Joyce, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to transfer your data to your Windows 7 computer. The only issue you might have with a file would be if it could only be opened in a program that’s not compatible with Windows 7. If your have e-mails in an e-mail client like Outlook, there are special steps you will need to follow to export the data.

80 GB is a lot of research. You will need to make sure you have room on your computer for it or purchase an external drive that’s capable of holding that much.

~ Cynthia

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