When Yahoo! redesigned its mail service back in October, a lot of users were not happy with the changes. One of the biggest complaints, Yahoo! Mail’s tab feature was removed.

The tabs allowed users to have several open e-mails at the same time and to switch back and forth easily between them by selecting a tab.

Now the company is admitting it made a mistake. Jeff Bonforte from Yahoo wrote on the Yahoo! Mail Blog:

“When we launched the new version of Mail in October, we removed Tabs. One of the things you told us that annoyed you about tabs is that the more you had open, the harder they were to manage, and you wanted multitasking to be easy. With your feedback, we launched Recent view to help you jump between emails, drafts and search results more easily, but many of you still missed tabs. So we’re bringing back tabs, but this time, they’re a bit smarter.”

Here’s how get tabs back to your Yahoo! Mail. In the inbox, select the drop-down arrow next to view on the right side of the inbox.

From the menu, choose Tabs.

Once activated, you’ll be able to have multiple e-mails open and easily switch between them.

There’s also a new feature. You’ll find a drop-down arrow beside the last tab.

On that menu, you’ll see all of tabs you have open and a Preview All option.

Preview All gives you a quick look at all of your tabs. It’s a great feature if you have multiple table open and need to find something quickly. You can just click or tap on the preview to go to the message you want.

With all the complaints about the redesign and a major service outage that resulted in CEO Marissa Mayer issuing a public apology not only for the outage, but for the way Yahoo! handled it, the company needs all the goodwill it can get from its users.

~ Cynthia