XP Still Powers 95% of ATMs

According to one of the major suppliers of ATM machines in the U.S., 95% of the ATMs int he world are still running on Windows XP.

And even though Microsoft is ending security support in April, not a lot of banks have plans in place to upgrade quickly, though they are expected to move to Windows 7 gradually during 2014. Many companies are buying the special extended support that Microsoft is offering to companies as they transition to Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Verizon Cuts Price For Basic Data Plan

Verizon is hoping to move more basic phone customers towards smart phones by offering offering a Share Everything plan for $60 a month. That’s $20 less than their previous lowest-priced plan.  This plan is targeting users who don’t necessarily a whole lot of data.

The plan offers 250 MB of data per month and includes voice and text messages. You could add a tablet to the plan for an extra $10 per month and a hotspot for $20. Though, with the limited amount of data available on $60 plan, you might not get a lot of use out of them. Verizon says the offer will be for a limited time only.

 Windows 8.1 May Let You Pin Metro Apps To Desk Top

Some leaked screenshots fueled rumors that Windows 8.1 may soon let users pin Metro/Modern style apps to the taskbar on the desktop. A lot of users have complained that switching back and forth between the desktop and Metro/Modern mode is confusing and it can sometimes be a pain to have to leave the desktop to get to an app you want to use. (last night I had a frustrating time on my Surface because I wanted to use the Pictures App to view photos for a post, but I kept having to leave Word on the desktop where I was composing the article.) It might be a few months before this become available, but it could go a long way to appeasing those who prefer desktop mode.

 ~ Cynthia