In The News: 01-31-2014

XP Still Powers 95% of ATMs

According to one of the major suppliers of ATM machines in the U.S., 95% of the ATMs int he world are still running on Windows XP.

And even though Microsoft is ending security support in April, not a lot of banks have plans in place to upgrade quickly, though they are expected to move to Windows 7 gradually during 2014. Many companies are buying the special extended support that Microsoft is offering to companies as they transition to Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Verizon Cuts Price For Basic Data Plan

Verizon is hoping to move more basic phone customers towards smart phones by offering offering a Share Everything plan for $60 a month. That’s $20 less than their previous lowest-priced plan.  This plan is targeting users who don’t necessarily a whole lot of data.

The plan offers 250 MB of data per month and includes voice and text messages. You could add a tablet to the plan for an extra $10 per month and a hotspot for $20. Though, with the limited amount of data available on $60 plan, you might not get a lot of use out of them. Verizon says the offer will be for a limited time only.

 Windows 8.1 May Let You Pin Metro Apps To Desk Top

Some leaked screenshots fueled rumors that Windows 8.1 may soon let users pin Metro/Modern style apps to the taskbar on the desktop. A lot of users have complained that switching back and forth between the desktop and Metro/Modern mode is confusing and it can sometimes be a pain to have to leave the desktop to get to an app you want to use. (last night I had a frustrating time on my Surface because I wanted to use the Pictures App to view photos for a post, but I kept having to leave Word on the desktop where I was composing the article.) It might be a few months before this become available, but it could go a long way to appeasing those who prefer desktop mode.

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  1. Thank you for your article ” Windows 8.1 May Let You Pin Metro Apps To Desk Top”. It has been frustrating for me also to have to leave one screen to go to the other to use an application. I hope they do this correction soon!

  2. Microsoft IS doing a 2 step vista and the all so efficient windows 8, a troublesome OS at best. I detest being told what peripherals to use, and when.
    They can’t beat APPLE so they settle for imitating I tell you what I may give microsoft another try if they get original and do better then what their
    “about to wipe out” I am getting pretty good at linux and am finding those OS not as hard to work with as *8* maybe they will get the idea once no one will patronize them hay microsoft is not indispensable. Free distributions are not QUITE as good as XP yes but the price to mention, all most all of the linux spectrum IS free. For one thing Open comes with severall distributions NOTHING like a free word processer with your FREE OS.
    WHY PAY FOR Word, excel, Powerpoint, Outlook and then pay the OS to sit them on, and we can just hop over to linux and bid MS good “buy” !

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