I spend far too much time on Tumblr. And while I should work on cutting back on that, it has made me wonder where people manage to find such awesome GIFs (animated photographs usually). So I went on a search and found this awesome site. Once I knew where some of the awesome GIFs were coming from I thought I’d share it with all of you. 

When you arrive at the site there will be an array of featured GIFs that you can check out. You can also navigate by using the brightly colored menu at the top of the page.  The menu offers you most prominently a search engine where you can search tags to find GIFS, and then the following buttons: Reaction GIFs, Categories, GIF Artists, Hot 100, and Favorites.

The Categories tab contains: actions, adjectives, animals, anime, art & design, cartoons & comics, celebrities, decades, emotions, fashion & beauty, food & drink, gaming, holidays, interests, memes, movies, music, nature, new & politics, reactions, science, sports, transportation, and tv.

When you find a GIF you like or would like to see larger, click it and you’ll be whisked away to its page. Once there you can share the GIF via link, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Embed, and Favorite. In order to Favorite them, you have to log in with Facebook. 

Another cool feature is GIPHY TV which allows you to watch a continuous stream of GIFs fullscreen on your computer. Great for when you are really bored.


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