I love dogs! Adore, and could not live without canine companionship. I really thought my world was ending when my little Shih-Tzu, Dulcie, was having surgery to remove the blockage from her kidney and I had to go out of town. It scared the pants off of me that something could happen to her when I wasn’t there. Thankfully, a year later, she’s back to being her ornery self.  I’ve always been a dog person, and have a soft spot for Shih-Tzu’s because the first dog in my life was one.

This site is for people who love dogs! I hang out here for the adorable galleries of photos of dogs but you’ll also find news stories, quotes about dogs, videos and more!

When you arrive at the site, you’ll find you have a lot of navigation options. You can browse the featured content on the main page that is displayed blog style. You can check out the blue navigation strip with the categories: Great Dog Pictures, Your Photos, Dog Breeds, Dog Quotes, Dog Stories, Dog Videos, Funny Dogs, and Newsletter. 

And if that weren’t enough there’s even a Featured Navigation Strip where you’ll find: Boo the Pomeranian (sooo cute!), Top Ten Dog Lists, Dogs That Don’t Shed, Dogs and Heaven, Puppy Pictures, and Inspirational Dogs. 

I don’t think you go wrong in your selection of places to go, but I always start out in the photo gallery. Today it was the Puppy Pictures – I desperately want a corgi puppy right now. But I also adore the Great Dog Pictures section and the featured photo gallery in the scrolling features was awesome too!

If you love dogs, you’ve got to check this site out today!