Learn Code With These Free Online Resources Part 2

Coding stuff… Not for me! I’m no techie’

If you have ever said that or heard from many others, it is just because- coding does appear for many, a task next to impossible. Although the lengthy pieces of code might appear daunting and cryptic to a beginner, a little exertion of your mind will let you know the beauty of the simple logic behind those lines.

But coding isn’t an easy task either- logical skills are must.  Once you grasp the basic principles of programming and are able to write code on your own, sky is the limit of your growth. The toughest part is overcoming initial doubts about your abilities to learn coding.

In part 1 of this article, we looked at four great free resources for learning coding. Now, we continue with four more.

5. CodeAcademy

CodeAcademy is an excellent platform to learn and enjoy coding in an interactive way. Its courses are grouped as tracks for users to choose. Along with the basics of web development, there are many languages you can learn including Ruby, Python, jQuery, PHP and more.

CodeAcademy has become quite popular for its user-friendly interface and precise instructions that help learn coding quickly.

6. TheCodePlayer


Learning with Code Player is just as though you’re sitting beside a professional programmer guiding you along with every line of code.

 Code Player offers several video walkthroughs created by its users that help you create best web based applications. You can access all the projects and study how these are designed and brush up your web coding skills.


7. HTML5 Rocks

If you ever wanted to learn coding with the top people out there, HTML5 Rocks is for you. The website is a comprehensive guide to learn HTML and is developed by many programmers associated with Adobe, Google and other well-known platforms.

There are many useful references to help you build rich applications compatible with all platforms.

8. SitePoint

SitePoint is yet another resource with the latest references to HTML, CSS and JavaScript. By explaining the basic ideas behind these languages, SitePoint focuses on the ‘feature compatibility’ issues across different browser platforms and also on the possible errors beginners often make.

Have fun exploring these sites and learning about coding.

~ Aditya Patil


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