Ever since Google bought out Picnik, I’ve been looking for a good and free replacement. In my search, I found PhotoCat and thought it was worth sharing with you.

When you arrive at the site,  you have three options: Edit a Photo, Retouch, or Create a Collage. Beneath those options you’ll find an array of Popular Features that you can also pick from. 

No matter which of the three options you pick, you’re whisked away to the photo editor you’ve selected and will be asked to upload a photo, or if you just want to try it out on your visit you can pick on of the sample photos.

You’ll find the tools you’ll use to edit the image on the left. And once you’ve completed your changes you can either save your work or share it via the buttons at the top right. 

Overall this is a very cool and useful tool to edit your images. Check it out today!



2 thoughts on “PhotoCat

  1. I have been looking for, and wanting a program like this since I was not able to reinstall my other paid for program after my computer crashed. I paid $450.00 for this, and I kept getting the runaround from Adobe Photoshop CS personnel when my key that came with the program no longer worked. Adobe Photoshop wanted me to fork over more money.

    This a great free photo editing program that you recommended. I go into Worldstart’s site every day, and you guys; and gals rock. Thank you very much.

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