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The days of gaming on low-resolution have come and gone forever, meaning that today’s PC gamers need top-of-the-line equipment in order to handle the high demands of their games. Yet with more and more persons under the age of 30 suggesting that they’d rather use a laptop over a desktop, as reported by Pew Internet, laptops need to be able to handle the games that their bigger, beefier desktop cousins usually would. What are the best options for a PC gamer looking to game on the go?


Known exclusively for their laptops and desktops marketed towards gamers, Alienware represents some of the highest-performance computers you can possibly use in order to frag, fight or fly your way to the top. The Alienware 18, for instance, runs on a 1080p HD screen, with no less than 32 gigs of memory to let you save all your files onto one single spot.

The downside of Alienware is in size and price tag: they’re heavy and bulky computers, on account of the large screen and ample hard drive, while the going rate for a new laptop can be anywhere from $2,000-5,000.


When bigger is not always better, RazorBlade comes through to deliver computing power without weighing you down with their RazorBlade 14 model. It’s the thinnest gaming laptop available on the market at only two-thirds of an inch, with only 4.2 pounds of bulk to carry by hand or in a case. With a Dolby Home Theater sound system, you can hear your allies calling in airstrikes and your enemies around the corner when you play BF4. With a Synapse Cloud configuration, furthermore, you can quickly access your classes and stats from Battlefield in order to know how to tackle the next matchup.


A trade-off between price and power will always come into play when searching for any computer, whether it is desktop or laptop or netbook. The best balance between cost and performance for the PC gamer lies in the keys of the MSI GX60, a $1300 laptop that lets you compete with the big boys of the gaming circuits.


Not only does the GX60 feature a 5750 APU in order get you the first kill of the game in League of Legends, but with a 720p camera built in, you can stream your match online in order to get a digital following of your killstreaks.


Gaming on the go sometimes requires that you take what you can get. The customization features of the CyberPower FangBook, on the other hand, allows you to build your own laptop without actually having to put pieces together. Choose from 4 to 32 gigs of memory, a 1 terabyte hard drive, external storage, and a Blu-Ray optical drive that will let you see the individual specs of rubber being burned off of your tires as you complete an F1 circuit. A price tag between $1200 and $1800 makes it affordable for those who want a good low-cost option, and powerful for those with a higher budget.

~ Lars Goodman

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