Make It Right

A friend of mine brought this organization to my attention in a Facebook chat. After checking out the page, I thought that their mission – “to build safe, Cradle to Cradle inspired homes, buildings and communities for people in need” – was very noteworthy!  I like the emphasis on community that this organization espouses. 

When you arrive at the site, I’d recommend checking out the How We Build, Where We Work, What We’ve Learned, and How to Help sections first.

My first question, was what exactly did they mean by Cradle to Cradle inspired homes? Never hearing the term before I was most enthused to find it defined in the How We Build section, if you click Cradle to Cradle in the first paragraph it whisks you off to a page that explains it and offers you an embedded TED Talk on the subject. 

The next place I’d suggest you check out are the navigation options near the bottom of the page: News, See, Learn, and C2C. Learn and C2C  – you may have already checked out by this point. But News takes you to the blog and See whisks you away to photos from their various projects and the communities they’ve helped, as well as design materials and elements, and let’s not forget all the volunteers.

I hope you’ll check out this great non-profit organization today!


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