Microsoft want you to know that the Xbox One isn’t just for gamers. The company hopes two sets of updates to the Xbox One console will improve the experience for gamers and non -gamers alike.

The first update on February 11 will improve the voice command system on the Xbox One That’s a big selling point of the console with demos showing the product easily allowing you to switch between tasks with voice commands. The reality can be a little different. (You tell the console you want to watch Game of Thrones and it finds Home Alone for you.)

Microsoft says this update will improve the quality of Kinect voice, “so commands become more fluid and responsive over time.” They didn’t specify the exact improvements, saying they would share that information soon.

The new update will also allow you to see and manage your storage space on the console and give greater control over the download queue.  Games and apps will now appear on separate lists and users can pick the order in which they’d like to load content. This update also brings the return of the battery power indicator for controllers. You can view how much life is left in your controller on the home screen.

The Xbox One will also now let you an USB Keyboard with the  console. The addition of the keyboard makes the console more user-friendly for people who don’t view the console as just a game console, but are buying into Microsoft’s vision of the Xbox one as home entertainment center where you’ll watch entertainment programming and sports, chat with your friends and use Windows 8 apps.

Microsoft will follow that up on March 4 with updates to prepare the system for Titanfall – a  team-based online multi-player game.

The company is making improvements to their party and multi-player systems.  Xbox One has sold 4 million consoles so far.

~ Cynthia