MS Paint 101 – How To Use Tools

Microsoft Paint is a free and very useful program that comes installed with Windows. It gets overlooked a lot in favor or programs like Photoshop with more features, but there’s a lot you can do with Paint. We’ve already explored how to crop and re-size images , working with shapes  and brush and color selection.  In this article, we’ll explore the tools menu and how each of them work.

You’ll find your tools at the top of the screen.

You’ll have the option of Pencil, Fill, Text, Eraser, Eye Dropper or Magnifying Glass. We covered the many things you can do with the pencil tool in an earlier article. So let’s start with the Fill option.  The fill icon looks like a little bucket of paint. I’d click the fill icon.

 Then select a color from the color palette.

Click the fill option on the screen and now my whole image is a solid gray.

I could also use it to add color to shapes like these circles.

I select a color from the palette and then click in the middle of the empty circle.

I can then fill this circle or any other shape I choose with color.

Next up is the Text tool.

Select it and draw a text box using your cursor and then just start typing.

You can choose font size, style and color.

You will also have the option to make the text Bold, Italic, Underline or Strikethrough.

Your text box can also be transparent so that the background is visible.

Or opaque in the color of your choosing. The options and combinations are endless.

 Up next, the Eraser.

This is different that selecting Undo or hitting Ctrl Z. This function allow you to remove part of the image. Take these shapes.

I can use the eraser to remove some of the lines.

 The eyedropper allows you to select a color from anywhere in the image you are working on.

This is especially helpful if you want to match up with a particular color in the image.  Here, I’ve selected green from this picture of basil by selecting the dropper and then clicking on the  spot in the image that has the color I wish to use.

 That color is now available on my palette.

I can then use that color of green to make text or paint with a brush or make a shape.

 Lastly, we have the magnifying glass, which will allow you to zoom in or out.

Left click on the mouse to zoom in for fine detail work.

Right-click to zoom out for the bigger picture.

 Enjoy learning these tools and happy Painting!

 ~ Cynthia



4 thoughts on “MS Paint 101 – How To Use Tools

  1. Still doesn’t have a clone tool so it is not as useful as it could be.

    Also just FYI once you add text the text becomes just a bunch of colored pixels so editing them, i.e. changing size fint etc., after you add them is not possible. Though this true of pretty much all photo editing software.

  2. Will this program currently on my computer work to edit pictures from my picture files? Such as contrast or sharpen pictures? How do I learn how to make the best of 101 that came with windows 7? Do you have a progam that helps?

  3. I accidentally tapped the strikethrough key, and now cannot find a way to undo that
    action. HELP !!!
    Thank you,

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