Great Dad

There are a lot of parenting sites out there geared only at women, so I thought it was a breath of fresh air to find this site dedicated to parenting from a male perspective and geared towards dads. 

You’ll find a handy search engine in the top right of the page. If you have something specific you want to search for immediately. 

Below that you’ll find two navigation menus. The blue navigation strip offers the options Home, Age Groups, Resources, We Recommend, Marketplace, Dad blogs, and Father’s forum.  The green side menu offers: Toilet Training, Sleeping, Shopping, Baby Names, Sex, Pregnancy, Pregnancy Calculator, and Mother’s Day. 

Below that you’ll find featured content and scrolling forum topics, and Dad News. 

This is an awesome site. I hope you’ll check it out today. I’m going to share it with my friends who are dads!


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