I freely admit my recipe bookmarks have gotten out of hand. I have well over five hundred recipes saved in my recipe bookmark folder. And I can’t really organize it easily. So I went looking for a way to do just that and discovered Kitchenbug!

Before you sign up for your free account, you can check out the video beneath the sign up buttons. Or you can scroll past that and read about the function of the site as well. 

After watching the video I just mentioned, I signed up via Facebook. It generated a form and all I had to do was create a password. Then I clicked the Join button. Next up is setting up the profile page. You can select an avatar image, tell people about yourself, share your gender and birth date, and then decide whether or not you want your profile to be public by either unchecking the option for privacy or leaving it alone for a public profile. Then you’ll click the Next button. 

After setting up your profile it offers you a video to teach you how to use the site. It is only a minute long and is worth watching. When you’re done or to skip it, click the Next button. 

It then shows you how to set up the Kitchenbug bookmark button. So that you can easily save recipes to your recipe box. When you’ve done that click Done and you’re ready to start saving recipes. 

I’m slowly working my way through my Recipe folder. I did around 100 of the bookmarks I had saved when I signed up. Now I’m parsing it out into smaller groupings. 

What I love about this site, is that it provides you with nutritional information about the recipes you’re saving. I also adore the social aspect that allows you to save recipes that other users have shared. 

Go check it out and start collecting recipes today!


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