I think if you were to guess what some of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions are that you would find among them the goal to lose weight, get fit, and become healthier. I know I’ve made that resolution before, and all my friends have too.

However, we’re well on our way to March and how many of us have fallen off the “get healthier” wagon? I know I have! My goal wasn’t even terribly complex – I just want to drink more water.  And I do great when I’m not at home. It’s easy to drink water on my commute and at school. But at home I tend to fail.   So I was looking for some inspiration. 

I found Greatist. And I’m taking you directly to their About page because I think it is important that you get their mission message frontloaded. This site takes all the prescriptive, fat-shaming/skinny-shaming, fad preaching and tosses it out the window with the message that they celebrate what means healthy to you.

Your next stop should totally be this page where you’ll discover even more about the site, and how they source their content. It also answers the question What is a Greatist? 

After that I fully encourage you to run free all over the site to find the inspirational – get healthy content that makes you happy. I like the emotional health content a lot! One of the featured articles is about celebrating friendship on Valentine’s instead of love.  What a great way to deepen the bonds of friendship between you and your circle of friends! 

I also think it is really cool that they highlight a Recipe  of the Day and a Workout of the Day. It  totally exposes you to new things you might want to try. 

Go discover this site that puts the inspiration back in getting healthy.