I have lots of guy friends who are graduating this spring from undergrad, debating what to do with their lives – do they go to graduate school? do they head off into the workforce? So I thought, there has to be a site for this? So I headed out on the internet, worked my search magic, and found this site. It’s an online lifestyle magazine stuffed full of advice for guys who are and have graduated from college.

While this site is geared toward post college guys in their 20’s, I have found a lot of useful information there. Like this awesome Visual Guide to Getting Your Car Unstuck from the Snow! Which I have totally used for getting out of my snowed in driveway. 

So what will you find when you arrive at the site? Well, you’ll find a navigation strip along the top of the page with the categories: Live, Earn, Spend, Learn, Invest, Train, Love, The Field Guide, and The Dispatch. 

Beneath that you’ll find all sorts of featured content – there’s a rotating feature, the latest articles, Popular Post, and a Facebook feed.


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