I love art! And I love finding new ways to discover art – in that sense Artsy is amazing. I’ve discovered so much since I found this site. 

When you arrive it will ask you to sign in, your options are to sign up with Facebook, Twitter, or your E-mail. If you want to explore the site before you sign up just click the X button in the top right corner of the sign up pop up.  I chose to F-connect with Facebook. 

When you sign up it then asks you if you buy art. Your choices are Yes, I buy art.; I’m interested in starting.; and Just Looking and Learning. I chose the last one. Then it will ask where you live, your favorite gallery name (or you can select galleries to follow), your favorite museum (or you can select museums to follow), and your favorite artists. You can use the skip button to click through any of these options, and then the done button when you’ve finished step four. 

Now all that’s left is to to browse all this amazing art! I started by browsing the featured art. Then I clicked Browse at the top of the page, and started browsing via the categories I was interested in. You have a lot of categories to choose from!

Contemporary – Chinese Art, Color Fields, Conceptualism, Emerging Art, Figurative Painting, Graphic Realism, Portrait Photography, Contemporary Pop, and Ceramics.

Modern/Historical – Art Nouveau, Bauhaus, Post-War American Art, Post-War European Art, Renaissance, Greek and Roman Art and Architecture, Arts of Africa-Oceana-and the Americas, Minimalism, and Impressionism.

Design – Contemporary Design, 20th Century Design, Glass, Jewelry, Lighting, Objects of Vertu, Seating, Storage, and Tableware. 

I headed off to Impressionism and then wandered around the site from there. When you find art you like you can click the Heart button to save it to your online collection where you can view it later. 

This is an awesome way to explore and enjoy art. Check it out today!


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  1. I love the ‘art theme’ of this newsletter. At age 72, I am just starting to paint and will find this site and the MS Paint tips very helpful. Thanks.

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