Robert writes:
If remember right I have Window 8,  I want to know if the  WWE app in Windows Store is the one I need.  I Went to a site to try downloading it, then said look in the Window Store. I tried downloading and it said I already owned the app.   So if you can help me, I  want to know if have  the right app  so when,  WWE network launches on 2- 24- 2014, I will have the right app.
 Robert, it sounds like you are more than ready! The World Wrestling Entertainment Network, a 24-7 live streaming network for wrestling fans will provide wresting, original programming, reality shows, repeats of matches and also offer 12 WWE pay-per-view events a year. This is part of a larger trend of entertainment programming moving away from traditional network and cable outlets to subscription-based streaming or video-on-demand.
A subscription to the network will cost $9.99 per month and require a 6-month subscription.They will offer a free one-week trial for a limited time.
I checked with a representative of the WWE to get the scoop of which devices will work with the app. It is currently available for iPhones, iPads and Android devices. If you already have the app on those devices, it will automatically update to allow you to watch the WWE Network.
The app is also available for Kindle Fire HD and for streaming on a Roku box. You will also be able to download the app for PS4 and Xbox 360 devices starting on February 24. The WWE says it expects the app to also be available for Xbox One and Smart TVs by summer.
I couldn’t get a specific answer about whether or not the Windows 8.1 WWE app will work with the network. But, in case it doesn’t, you will still be able to watch the network through your browser at
So, no matter what, you shouldn’t miss any wrestling action.
~ Cynthia