Robin Jackson in Turkey writes:

When opening Google Chrome a search page named “Sweet page” appears instead of Google.  How do I kill it?  Ä°t does not appear in malware searches nor in properties-search engine lists. Any advice most gratefully received.

It appears your browser has been hijacked. Often times, these browser hijackers come attached to a legitimate software download. First of all, we’ll want to remove the toolbar. These instructions will show you how. Obviously you’ll want to search for Sweet Page instead of the Mixi toolbar in the article. But it’s the same process.

 After that go to your Chrome Browser settings.

Scroll down to On startup and select Set Pages.

You should see Sweet Page listed. Hover over it and you’ll get an x in the right corner. Click on that to delete Sweet Page.

You’ll now have an empty start page. You can leave it blank or put in the site of your choice.

Scroll down to appearance and choose Change.

Delete Sweet Page from the Open this page box.

Tick Use the New Tab page and choose OK.

Next, go to Manage Search Engines. I know, it’s a lot of work. But it’s a tricky little hijacker.


 Select another search provider as your default and then remove closesearches from the list of providers by clicking x.

Hang in there, we are almost finished. Right-click on the shortcut to Chrome on your desktop and choose properties. In the Target window, you’ll see Application/chrome.exe/http://sweet-page.  Delete that sweet page from the end. It should end with chrome.exe.

Now run a Malware scan on your computer and you should be finished.  One final note, if you have any other shortcuts for Chrome, maybe it’s pinned to the taskbar, delete it and make a new one.

~ Cynthia