Can I Download eMagazines To A Flash Drive?

Nellie from Waite Park, Minnesota writes:

Is it possible to download your emagazines in a flash drive?  How do I do It? Would I just insert the flash drive to search for a tip?  Or is this a bad idea?  Would it be better to download them on an external hard drive?  Should I keep the external hard drive plugged in all the time or would I be taking a chance of it becoming infected? I appreciate your advice. 

Nellie, if you’ve downloaded any of our eBooks or eMagazines you can easily move the PDF to a flash drive if you choose.

You may not have the option to download the file directly to the flash drive, but you can  just drag and drop or copy and paste like any other file. The same would be true for an external hard drive. As long as you have a PDF reader installed, you could just select the e-publication from the storage device and it should open on your computer.

An external hard drive  is also a good storage option. There’s no need to keep in plugged in all the time. You can just connect it to the computer when you wish to access the eMagazines. If you anticipate accessing them often, you may want to leave them on your hard drive and put other less frequently used material on your external drive.

You would open the e-Magazine from the drive much the same way you open it when it is stored on your computer.

As long as you have proper security software installed and updated on your computer, there’s no reason to believe you would have any issues with malware on your drives.

~ Cynthia

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