Can I Back Up To The Cloud?

Diane from England writes:

I have upgraded my new laptop to Windows 8.1. My question is do I still need to run a backup for my documents and photos on an external hard drive eg. a flash drive as I used to do on my previous laptop using with Vista  or can I use the cloud drive as installed with Windows upgrade to 8.1. for this purpose.

Diane, you can certainly use your OneDrive (the new name for SkyDrive) for backup purposes as long as you have enough room there.  In fact, you can choose to save your photos and documents to the OneDrive  by default and  also keep copies available on your PC.

Go to PC Settings


Then select SkyDrive

 Turn Save documents to SkyDrive by default on. (It hasn’t been updated to say OneDrive, but SkyDrive and OneDrive are the same thing)


 When you save a new document, it will go to the OneDrive/SkyDrive by default.

You can always choose to switch the location to your PC.

You can also right click on any file in the SkyDrive/OneDrive and choose to have a copy of the contents downloaded to your PC so that the information is available when you are offline.

There’s nothing wrong with still continuing to do a physical backup as well if you want to be extra-careful, but the Cloud is an excellent tool for backing up your files.

~ Cynthia

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  1. I prefer to save all files to my PC and then use a program called Second copy to copy to my One Drive folder which syncs with the cloud. I can now access my files on my PC with or without internet connection and from my tablet or another PC using the one drive app. By the way second copy auto syncs both ways once it is setup.

    1. Richard that satisfies my rules about having important data in at least two different locations. Good job!

  2. I turned on my computer today, and my SkyDrive folder is empty. I had my most important documents stored there, because I thought they would be safer. Now they’re gone. I have a backup, but of course it is not current. What do I do now?

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