In The News 03-14-2014

Roku Introduces Streaming Stick

Roku is stepping into the ring with the Google Chromecast and introducing a streaming stick. This compact stick will turn you TV into a Smart TV for less than $50. Roku says more 1,000 channels are available.

It plugs right into the HDMI port on your HDTV. You can control the streaming stick either with the included remote or with an app on your smartphone. In addition to services like NetFlix, Hulu, Amazon Instant, HBO Go and YouTube, you’ll also be able to send your videos, photos and music from your phone to the TV screen.

T-Mobile  Offer Convinces BlackBerry Users To Switch

T-Mobile offered a $200 trade-in offer for BlackBerry devices. BlackBerry owners could trade their devices for a new phone and receive a $200 credit. They had the choice between an Android, iPhone or a new BlackBerry. If they chose a BlackBerry, they received an additional $50 off that phone.

But it looks like 94% of those who traded in their device, said goodbye to BlackBerry and hello to another model. Once the leader in mobile messaging, the BlackBerry Brand has fallen on hard times competing against Android and Apple. In a recent interview, the CEO of the company said that plans for the company’s recovery have a 50-50 chance of success.

 App Helps You Locate Clean Bathroom For A Price

 Is there anything technology can’t do?  How about help you find a nice, clean bathroom when you’re visiting a strange place?  Airpnp allows people to advertise their own, private bathrooms that you can use for a fee. Then the app will give you directions to find that nice clean potty.  Users can then rate the bathroom.

 Users can then rate the bathroom.

~ Cynthia

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