iOS 7 Update Fixes Major iPhone Bug

Microsoft isn’t the only company with an update. Apple’s iOS 7 is getting an update to 7.1.  The switch to 7  last fall drew the usual mixed results. Some users loved the new features, others absolutely hated the changes. This update adds some new features and fixes a major bug.

If you don’t have the update yet, simply go to settings >general>software update on your iPhone, Ipad or iPod touch.

Among the changes:

You can now tell your “personal assistant” Siri when to listen. By holding down the home button when you talk and releasing it when you are done, the voice recognition software will now hear exactly what you want it to hear. Siri will hear “Where is the closest Starbucks?” as opposed to thinking you are asking, “Where is the closest Starbucks, is that a spider? It’s huge! Run!”

The new CarPlay feature will allow you integrate your devices with your vehicle, providing the vehicle offers the feature. There aren’t any CarPlay enabled cars on the market right now, but they will be coming soon.

You’ll also be able to set the camera to automatically enable HDR mode on your device.

Changes to the calendar will allow you to have a monthly view of your events and also add national holidays from various countries.

Accessibility features have also been expanded to make using the iPhone and iPad easier for those with limited sight.

But the best news for users is that Apple says it’s fixed a bug that caused devices to shutdown and restart at random. Apple also promises that iPhone 4 users will see a big improvement in the way the operating system works with their devices.

~ Cynthia


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