Smart Doggy Door Keeps Your House Safe & Clean

A new smart dog and cat door promises to keep your house safer and cleaner… for a price.

The Petwalk door could run you around $2000  if you get the larger size for dogs. But it does make a lot of promises. The makers of the system say it’s thermally insulated and will keep drafts out of the house.

The Petwalk works by reading a chip in your dog or cat’s collar and automatically unlocks to let your pet in or your pet in or out when it approaches the door.

You can set the time to keep the door locked at certain times, preventing your pet from going out or coming in. It also claims to prevent the problem of wet paw prints all over the house. There are special rain sensors that will keep your animals from going outside if it’s raining or coming back into the house if it starts raining while they are already outside.

The makers say it comes in several designs, so you can choose something that matches the style of your current door.

We’ve all heard about burglars getting into the house through a dog door, but this system has an alarm that will alert you if anything not wearing that special chip, whether it’s a burglar or a raccoon tried to get into the house.

 ~ Cynthia

0 thoughts on “Smart Doggy Door Keeps Your House Safe & Clean

  1. Nice !
    Then if someone plan to rub your house he just needs to find someone flexible enough to get through the petdoor (guess the dog edition is large enough) and then do their thing. 🙂
    All they need is catch your lovely animal in order to retrieve the chip that will unlock your entire home. Otherwise it is a nice idea.

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