Dual Boot Windows With Ubuntu In 4 Easy Steps

We introduced you to the free Linux Ubuntu operating system and described how you could replace Windows XP with Ubuntu in previous articles. In this article we’re going to check out the option of running a dual boot with Windows. This is an especially good option for XP users who don’t want to replace the operating system. Once you download and install Ubuntu, you can take XP offline, where it will be safe from security threats.

Now we’re going to look at how you can run a dual boot of Windows and Linux Ubuntu in just four easy steps. What helps simplify the process is Wubi, an officially supported Windows installer for Ubuntu.

Step 1

Download Wubi from official page :


You’ll have the option to make a donation towards supporting Ubuntu. You can offer a contribution or just go on with your download, it’s totally voluntary.

Once Wubi is successfully downloaded, we can move on.

Step 2

Open up Wubi and start the installation.    

i) Click on “run”.

ii) Click on continue, if you get a permission window.

Step 3

In this step we will complete filling out the information required to start the Ubuntu OS download process.

i)  Select the drive where you wish to install Ubuntu (Select a drive with ample amount of space for Ubuntu to work smoothly).

ii) Select your desired language.

iv) Now the part “Installation size” requires you to provide the amount of space that you want to allocate to Ubuntu. It creates a partition for Ubuntu similar to Window’s safe partition. I would suggest to allocate at least 10Gb of space to install apps and games.

v) Enter your desired username.

vi) Next comes the choice of Ubuntu Environment also known as Ubuntu flavors, these are official derivatives of Ubuntu. You can opt for derivatives like Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Edubuntu and etc. But as this guide refers to Ubuntu installation, choose Ubuntu as the desired desktop environment.

vii) Type in your password and retype it for confirmation.


That’s really all there is to having both systems installed. When you start up the computer, you’ll be given the choice of operating systems between Windows and Ubuntu. If you have a Windows XP computer, we advise going the extra step to take XP off-line and using Ubuntu exclusively for going online and e-mail. Click here to learn how that works.

~ Nelson

0 thoughts on “Dual Boot Windows With Ubuntu In 4 Easy Steps

  1. Question — instructions in both types of Ubuntu installations say to “put in your password.” Is this a new password we can make up, or must it be the original password used on the computer? Please clarify. Many thanks.

    1. It’s a new password. If you want to easily remember it, there is no problem to use the same password that you have for Windows.

  2. Thank you for the dual boot imfro. I did everything like you said but when i try on my computer it does not give me a choose as to whitch OS i want to run it just comes up Windows xp How do i fix that ?? thanks PS i checked and the Ubuntu program is loaded

  3. I would recommend to reinstall Ubuntu. Maybe there were some errors while downloading Ubuntu essentials. Try it one more time, it will work.

  4. Nelson- Do we just follow all of the above instructions, or do we have to purchase special Partioning software and use that so our disk is separated in to two partions or do the above instructions do that for us?

    1. Joyce, you don’t need any partitioning software, the Wubi installer will do that. However, I would advice that the ISO installation image and the Wubi installer to be placed in the same folder, otherwise you may experience some problems. Second, keep in mind that a fresh, clean installation alongside Windows is highly recommended, rather than using Wubi. Just burn the ISO to a DVD and boot from it.

  5. What I really want to do is make the USB the primary boot and have it go to window mickey mouse if the drive is not in.
    If I put it on the hard drive and have problems, it may void my warranty.
    I would want to use it that way for some time before putting only Linux/Ubuntu on the had drive as the only operating system.
    I’ve read all the newsletter articles, some several times,and just do not have the confidence to proceed with the instructions as given.
    All though have been in computers since the 50s, the 8 years I spent on Mac has gotten me behind the curve and at 77 I just can not catch up.

    1. Frank, installing a second OS shouldn’t void the warranty. However, if you want to experience a new Linux OS, I would advise to burn it to a DVD and run live sessions straight from it. Any system tweaks and changes you might do will be lost on reboot, but saving files, like music, to a hard drive is possible and will remain unchanged.

  6. I have a couple of external drives, can I use one of them instead of a usb or dvd to install Ubuntu on, rather than installing in on my Windows 7 and using Wubi

    Again, thanks for all you do and have done over many, many years. Miss being able to call, but appreciate all those at Worldstart who provide so much help and education to us all.

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