Help! Paragraph Marks In My Document

Gloria from San Antonio writes:

I was looking over my husband’s medical file that I keep and noticed that somehow paragraph signs had been inserted all over this record.¬† Can you tell me how to remove these?

It’s most likely a simple keystroke or click of the mouse that’s caused the issue. I’m not sure which word processing program you are using, but here’s what to look for in Word.¬† Look for the paragraph symbol up at the top. Click on that and see if the paragraph symbols disappear.

Pressing  Ctrl + * can also turn the paragraph symbols off and on.

~ Cynthia

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  1. Gloria may not realize that the presence of these marks (and others) can be very helpful in proofreading a document and even if she sees them on the screen, they will not show up on a printed copy. She may have inadvertently changed the view setting to suddenly start seeing this. I personally find it very helpful to have all formatting marks show as I type.

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