In The News 04-05-2014

Windows XP Market Share Falls Below 30%

The Windows XP piece of the desktop operating system pie has dropped below 30% of systems in use according to numbers released by Net Market Share. XP was the operating system of 29% of desktops in February, down nearly 10% from February of last year. Considering that security support for Windows XP ends on Monday, April 8, these numbers are concerning. To learn more about the end of XP support, click here.

Windows 7 still leads the market with a 47.31% share while Windows 8 & 8.1 together are on close to 11% of the desktops out there and Vista is at the bottom of the list with just 3%.  The Mac OS is found on nearly 8% of computers while Linux is running  on 1.5%.

 Twitter Adds Photo Tagging

Twitter is catching up to Facebook and Instagram by allowing users to tag people in photos.  The company said its goal was to make photos on Twitter a more social experience. Users will be able to tag up to 10 people in a photo. The company is also putting more focus on image sharing by allowing people to add up to four photos in each Tweet.

Twitter users will have the ability to adjust whether or not they can be tagged in photos and they’ll receive notifications if someone tags them.

 Patient Diagnosed With WhatsAppitis After Messaging Binge

A patient was diagnosed with the very first case of WhatsAppitis after visiting doctors with complaints of severe wrist pain. After running some tests, doctors were able to trace the cause back to the patient’s smartphone.

The woman had spent six hour replying to messages in the WhatsApp messaging app the day before and awoke with sharp pains in both wrists. Doctors prescribed painkillers and a break from using the phone.

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  1. Re/ Win XP’s imminent demise: Just a few days ago there was a short bit on the CBS Morning News about how a big percentage of bank ATM’s in the USA have Win XP as their operating systems, something I must admit I hadn’t even thought of. The talking heads on the news show treated it as something of a joke, but that’s probably because they didn’t know enough about it to say anything meaningful. Worldstart and its subscribers do, and I for one would be interested…perhaps a subject for an upcoming entry?

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