In The News 4-18-2014

Tests Show Just How Dangerous Heartbleed Can Be

Web security company CloudFlare asked security experts to take their best shot at using the HeartBleed flaw in Open SSL to get get top-secret server information that would permit an attacker to easily impersonate a company’s server. Called a private key, it’s the info that verifies that you’re actually using a real site and not a fake one.

CloudFlare issued the challenge in the morning at by 4 p.m. software engineer Fedor Indutny had succeeded, followed by a second successful hacker by 5 p.m.

As companies scrambled to patch the flaw that affects an estimated 2/3 of secure sites on he Internet, CloudFlare says the test emphasizes the dangers posed by Heartbleed.

Users are advised to use a tool like this to see if any accounts they access are affected by Heartbleed and once those sites have been patched for the bug, to change all of their passwords. People should also keep a close eye on their financial statements.

Pay With Facebook?

Many sites now offer the option to log in via Facebook, known as F-connect. But rumors are swirling that you may soon be able to pay with Facebook, much in the way you do with PayPal. Users would be able to put money in their Facebook account and then transfer it to other users or pay for online purchases.

With mobile payment options a fast-growing segment of the financial industry and Facebook’s estimated 1 billion users, it could be a lucrative market.

3-D Printers – They’re A Good Thing

3-D printers are rapidly moving from cutting-edge technology to table-top home appliance and now they’ve gotten a stamp of approval from Martha Stewart.

In the latest issue of Martha Stewart Living Magazine, the gracious living expert gushes about her 3D printer and how useful it is for her business. An article in the same issue also highlights more of her favorite technology including her iPad, digital camera and a drone she likes to fly across her her estate to take aerial photos of her gardens.

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